Changes to waste collections and the introduction of recycling

We’re pleased to announce the introduction of recycling collections for St Mary’s properties starting Monday 3 December 2018. Recycling sacks and leaflets will be delivered to all households so you have time to prepare before the scheme commences.

What changes can I expect?

  • Your collection day might change but we will continue to collect once a week.
  • We will no longer access properties to collect material.
  • You will be required to present your material for collection at the highway or the kerbside nearest to your property.
  • ‘Side items’, such as loose cardboard boxes, will no longer be collected.
  • All material will need to be contained within the correct sacks some of which will be provided by the Council.

Assisted Collections

The Council offers an Assisted Collection Scheme for householders who are unable to transport their sacks to designated collection points due to ill health, infirmity or disability and without occupants in the household able to assist them (16 years or over). Please contact the Infrastructure Office for details on how to apply.

Commercial Customers

We will contact commercial waste customers separately. Commercial recycling sacks can now be purchased through the Council’s customer service hubs located at the Library and Wellbeing Centre. These are ordered in the same way as the commercial waste sacks.

Drop-In Sessions

We’ve organised 2 days of drop-in sessions to answer your questions. Whether you’re a residential or commercial waste customer, please feel free to drop by the Council Chamber at the following times:


19 November 2018

23 November 2018


10am to 12pm

2pm to 4pm

6pm to 8pm

10am to 12pm

2pm to 4pm

6pm to 8pm


Wesleyan Chapel (Council Chamber)

Further information

For more information, visit or contact the Infrastructure team on 01720 424450 or

Publishing date: 
Monday, 12 November, 2018