Notice of Road Closure & Possible Disruption to Public Water Supply

WHERE:         Porthmellon Waste Management Site to Doyley Woods

DATES:          Sunday 12th February        to       Friday 24th February

Works to connect the new Waste Management Site to the water and sewerage mains at Moorwell is scheduled to take place between Sunday 12th February and Friday 24th February.

A trench will be formed and connections made to the public water and sewerage mains. These works will restrict safe vehicle and pedestrian access to the section of road between Porthmellon Waste Management Site at  Moorwell and Doyley Woods. The Council is therefore closing the road for the period of the works.

Although there will be some limited pedestrian access, due to the nature of the works it is recommended that wherever possible an alternative route is used during this time.

During the works, there is a possibility that St Mary's public water customers in the areas of Moorwell and Jacksons Hill may experience some interruption to their water supply; however the Water Department will be aiming to carry out the work in such a way as to cause as little disruption as possible.

Once the works have been undertaken, there may be some discolouration of the water. This is normal. White ‘milky’ appearing water (which clears on standing) is as a result of aeration to the water and can last several days. Any other discolouration is a disturbance of sediment which will only last a very short time and can be cleared by running your taps.

These works are essential and any interruption will be avoided as far as possible, however the full scale and impact of the works cannot be anticipated. For more information or clarification please contact the Infrastructure services team on 01720 424000 or by email to

Publishing date: 
Tuesday, 7 February, 2017