FOR SALE: Recycled Glass Aggregate

FOR PUBLIC SALE: Recycled Glass Aggregate
The Waste & Recycling Team produces recycled glass aggregate from the bottles and jars disposed of by the islands community. This aggregate is for sale all year round and to anyone who would like to purchase it.
The aggregate comes in 3 grades: coarse, medium and fine. It is suitable for a number of purposes such as footpaths, drainage and other non-structural works.
The aggregate is sold in 1 tonne capacity dumpy bags at £35 per bag. This is much less expensive than importing similar aggregate from the mainland, largely because there is not the added cost of freight from the mainland to the islands.
To purchase aggregate or for further information contact the team at the Moorwell Site Office:
Telehone - (01720) 424025 or (01720) 424013
Publishing date: 
Monday, 14 November, 2016