Corporate Plan 2019 - 2022

The Corporate Plan is a document which sets out the direction of travel for the Council's services and the principles within which we will operate during a 4-year period. It is owned by Councillors and written in consultation with the relevant officers. 

The Council produces a new Corporate Plan every 4 years. The current Corporate Plan runs from 2019 - 2022 and is attached to this page.

Changes to the plan must be formally approved at Full Council. The plan is reviewed each year in order to ensure it is fit for purpose and remains reflective of the organisation's ambitions and capacity to deliver. Whilst there is sometimes the need to adjust the plan or make changes to its design or layout, the aim is always to leave substantial material changes to end of the plan period wherever possible. This ensures continuity is preserved and that Councillors and the public are able to hold officers to account in terms of performance, in relation to targets set for the 4-year period. The plan is currently under review for 2021/22 and a new version will be taken to Full Council for approval in February 2021.

The Corporate Plan is used to inform the other core forward planning documents, such as the Medium Term Financial Plan and departmental service plans.

We seek to improve the Corporate Planning process each year and you can expect to hear more about the Corporate Plan as this process develops.

Please contact your Councillors directly with any queries or suggestions relating to the Corporate Plan. Member contact details can be found here.