Become a Councillor

It might be making the roads safer, keeping the streets cleaner or improving services for old people? Perhaps you feel there aren’t enough opportunities for young people?.

Whatever you think needs changing or improving, you could be the perfect person to make it happen by becoming a councillor. No other role provides the opportunity to make such a positive impact on the quality of life for everyone on the islands.

The Council of the Isles of Scilly is elected every four years and the next election is due in May 2017. However, there are requirements for a by-election in the event of the resignation or death of a councillor.

A by-election can only take place if two members of the electorate sign a letter requesting an election to take place.

There are currently three vacancies: one on Bryher and two on St Mary's.

To find out more about how to stand for election you can view or download the following resources from the Electoral Commission:

Can you stand for election?

Standing as an independent candidate

Standing as a party candidate

Spending and donations

The campaign

Your right to attend key electoral events

After the declaration of results

Another valuable resource is the website.