Safety Advisory Group

The Council of the Isles of Scilly has a legislative requirement in respect to certifying and licensing public events. These public and community events may be “one off” and may take place in venues or at sites not normally designated for that function, such as local parks and streets. These therefore provide additional risks because of the nature and environment in which they are taking place.

The Safety Advisory Group (SAG) provides specialist advice to Event Organiser’s intending to deliver public events on the Isles of Scilly and to help the local authority discharge its public health and safety responsibilities.

The SAG is there in an advisory capacity. It provides independent advice to event organisers, who retain the legal responsibilities for ensuring a safe event. One of the important roles the SAG is bringing all relevant partners together to plan and prepare for the event in a coordinated way.

A key role of the SAG is to make partners aware of forthcoming events that will be taking place across the islands and enabling event organisers to benefit from its collective event and legislative expertise.

Events Tool Kit

The Safety Advisory Group has produced an Events Tool Kit for event organisers to help ensure events on Scilly are as safe as they can be.

  • Event Notification Form
  • Risk Assessment Guidance
  • Risk Assessment Template – Example
  • Covid-19 checklist
  • Link to Road Closure Application