UPDATE - 28 APRIL 2020
It has come to our attention that several residents are wondering when the South West Water (SWW) bills will be arriving for unmeasured (non-metered properties).  We have passed this back to SWW who have confirmed that these bills are imminent and that they hope to dispatch this week, SWW apologise for the delay which is due to unforeseen circumstances.
In the meantime, if you do wish to contact SWW regarding your bill, please call 0344 346 1010 or if it is regarding the water or sewerage service please call 0344 346 2020.
South West Water became the appointed water and waste water company on the 1st April 2020. They have taken on the responsibility for the existing water and wastewater infrastructure on the islands currently owned by the Council of the Isles of Scilly, the Duchy of Cornwall and Tresco Estate. For more information, including useful contact numbers please see their leaflet.
For those of you on St Marys who were not visited by the Water Department on the 23rd March, and those unable to supply a meter reading by the 31/03/2020, an estimation will be made based on last year’s usage for the last three months for your 4th quarter bill 2019/2020.
If you have any queries regarding your water and sewerage billing etc. prior to 1st April 2020 please contact the infrastructure department on 01720 424450 or email infrastructure@scilly.gov.uk