Renewal of Vows


A Renewal of Vows is a ceremony for any couple who are either married or in a civil partnership, who wish to renew their vows to each other, celebrate a special anniversary or have recently married elsewhere and wish to affirm their vows in the presence of their family and friends.

The Council of the Isles of Scilly will conduct Renewal of Vows Ceremonies at any venue on the islands with the agreement of the Superintendent Registrar.

Your ceremony will be unique to you and our Registration team will assist you in creating a personal ceremony. A typical ceremony would include a welcome and introduction, readings of your choice, renewed promises to each other, rededication of your original rings or the exchange of new ones.

The Renewal of Vows ceremony has no legal status so it allows you to create a bespoke ceremony that reflects your relationship and also creates wonderful memories for you and your guests. Please note that your marriage or civil partnership certificate will need to be shown before the ceremony can go ahead.

For more information about venues and fees please contact the Register Office at or 01720 424501.