Youth Services

Children’s Services aims to promote the personal and social development of young people in Scilly by providing them with a range of opportunities aimed at engaging and empowering them as individuals.

Youth Hub provides regular sessions for young people living on the islands.

Children’s Services run a range of activities during holidays and weekends for young people.  Children’s Services also work closely with local organisations that deliver formal and informal sessions to young people to assist them with fulfilling their legal responsibilities, providing appropriate resources, facilitating training and offering general guidance.

Prior to their transition to the mainland to continue their education or training, young people have a number of decisions to make which can be challenging for both student and parents/ carers.  Children’s Services work closely with young people, families, schools and mainland colleagues to support young people and families through this transition.  

Young people are active in helping to shape Youth Services and regular consultation exercises provide young people with the opportunity to express their views and be heard.  Children’s Services support the work of UK Youth Parliament and facilitate the participation of Five Island Academy students.  Children’s Services support Five Island Academy Student Council and encourage and support Members of Youth Parliament and Student Council representatives to represent young people’s views on local and national issues in the community.