Bookable Planning Advice Service

Isles of Scilly Planning Advice Service from January 2024

If you would like to make an appointment to speak to the planning team in person:

HOW: send an email to:, outlining what you want to speak to us about. We will respond by email with a time slot of when you can come to speak to us.

WHERE: All appointments will be at Porth Mellon Enterprise Centre on the Industrial Estate on St Mary's. Virtual appointments can be arranged by TEAMS, for those who cannot get to St Mary's

WHEN: Currently our time slots are limited to:

  • 20 mins
  • between 09am and 11am
  • on Monday mornings

For those who don’t have access to email then you can call:

01720 424456

Leave us a message. We will call back confirming a timeslot.

The service will be offering verbal advice only on the day.

For any requests for written responses in writing then we would ask that these are made in writing or by email (at the above email address).

What our service includes:

  • General advice on planning considerations, policies, and permitted development rights.
  • How to apply for planning permission and our requirements for validating planning applications.
  • General details about any constraints on or surrounding a site.
  • Direct you to other authorities which you may need to contact (eg. Building Control, Environment Agency, Natural England, Historic England).
  • Advice on planning application fees.

What not to expect from our service:

  • Any written advice subsequent to your enquiry.
  • Confirmation on whether a proposal is permitted development.
  • Advice on whether you will achieve planning permission.
  • An in-depth analysis of a specific proposal.
  • Specialist advice (eg. Building control, archaeology, ecology, design or plan drawing).
  • Receiving payments for pre-application or planning application fees.

Planning Officers do not have a detailed knowledge of using the Planning Portal for the submission of planning applications, but we will try to help particularly if your query is about the information you are submitting.

You can call the Planning Portal’s customer service helpline on 0333 323 4589 or email


This service should not be used to request an update on any current planning application or an existing pre-application enquiry.  If you have already got an application in our system then please contact us directly about that specifically. 

All advice given as part of this service constitutes an informal opinion of a CIOS Planning Officer based on the information provided. It shall not prejudice, or be binding upon, the Authority in making future planning decisions.

We may keep a record of your personal details and the nature of your enquiry for internal purposes only. For more information on your rights under the General Data Protection Regulation (GPDR) and how we will manage your information please see our Privacy Statement.