Council provisionally awarded up to £6million Levelling Up funding for Cultural Centre and Museum

We’re pleased to announce that the Council of the Isles of Scilly has been provisionally awarded up to £6million for the Isles of Scilly Cultural Centre and Museum.

This funding was confirmed as part of the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement 2023. Government has made a number of provisional awards for applications that were not initially successful in round two of the Levelling Up Fund for capital projects, but were assessed as 'high-quality and ready-to-deliver'.

The Council will be required to complete a short project validation check. If this documentation is accepted by government, they will confirm the funding for delivery of the project by March 2026.

Councillor Tim Dean, Lead Member for Housing and Corporate Estate, said: “We’re delighted that government has recognised the high quality of our bid for this funding and this announcement is very welcome at a crucial stage of the project. We’re working with government to understand how we can use this money to complete the funding package for the project. This generous offer is expected to reduce the need for compromises that may otherwise have been required and ensure we can complete the best possible facility for our community and visitors. Since we originally applied for this funding, one of the changes we've made is to rename and refocus the project to place the focus on the ‘cultural centre’ element and make it clear to the community how important it is to us to reopen this public space.”

Publishing date: 
Thursday, 23 November, 2023