Drop-in session to view and comment on plans for changes to the Dump Path on St Mary’s: 19 October 2023

[UPDATE 18/10/2023: accessible version of the proposed changes to the Dump Path uploaded, replacing earlier version]

As part of our consultation on plans for the Dump Path on St Mary’s, we’re hosting a drop-in session on Thursday 19 October, between 08:30 – 12:00 at the Carn Gwaval Wellbeing Centre.

This session will enable attendees to view and give feedback on plans for creating a footpath and cycleway connecting Porthmellon and the Five Islands Academy, using a combination of pedestrian only, cycle only and shared pathways. It follows 2 webinars held on 3 October to introduce the proposals.

These proposals are a feature of the draft Local Cycling Walking and Infrastructure Plan (LCWIP), which is open to public consultation until 22 October 2023. The development of the Dump Path was highlighted as a priority during the development of the draft LCWIP, as it is on a school route and the existing path is in poor condition and also very busy, with conflicts between pedestrians and cyclists, particularly on the tight and narrow corners. 

For further information about the LCWIP and to view the dump path plans, including a downloadable version of the map below, please see our Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan webpage 

If you are unable to make the drop-in session, you can send your comments to environment@scilly.gov.uk

Map showing proposed changes to the Dump Path route on St Mary's including some separation of routes for cyclist and pedestrians. For a full explanation of the proposed changes, please email environment@scilly.gov.uk

Publishing date: 
Friday, 13 October, 2023