New Corporate Plan for 2022-2026

Councillors approved their Corporate Plan for 2022-2026 at the meeting of Full Council in February 2022. This plan has now succeeded the Corporate Plan 2019-2022.

You can read the new plan in full on the Corporate Plan page of our website

We consulted the public on the Councillors' 34 proposed objectives for this plan between 22 November until 22 December 2021. A total of 270 responses were received, including over 1,600 comments.

Councillors then spent several weeks interpreting the data collected, reading all of the comments and identifying where they wanted to make changes to the objectives. You can read more about this process and how Members used the feedback from the community to reduce the number of objectives from 34 to 23 in the report taken to Full Council in February 2022

At the same meeting of Council, Members resolved to bring a report on progress against the Corporate Plan 2022-2026 in 2 years' time. The Council will report back on its progress against the 2019-2022 Corporate Plan in the coming months.  

Cllr Robert Francis, Chairman of Council, said: "I am pleased to acknowledge the transition to our Corporate Plan 2022-2026. Members have spent several months debating and refining our objectives in order to ensure we can all fully commit to achieving them. The public consultation responses have given your Councillors added confidence that the decisions we have made in relation to our objectives are in line with the views of our community and I would like to thank everyone who took the time to contribute their thoughts on the direction the Council should take over the next 4 years. Cllr Marcus was nominated to lead on this Corporate Plan process once again this year and I would like to thank him for ensuring such a high level of public engagement."

Cllr Dan Marcus, Lead Member for Planning and Regulatory Services, said: "I was really heartened by the community's response to this Corporate Plan consultation. It reinforced my view that people really do care about the work the Council undertake on their behalf and have a huge amount to contribute if given the opportunity. Thank you to everyone who responded to the consultation. Not only did your comments help us refine the plan, they've also given us a wider insight into what the community wants for the islands. We are committed to keeping your informed as we progress our objectives and hope that you will continue to share your views with your Councillors."




Publishing date: 
Thursday, 21 April, 2022