Soft market test for Isles of Scilly sea links project

The Council is continuing to work with Government to ensure the Levelling Up funding allocated to improve the Isles of Scilly Sea Links remains available and supports affordable fares and freight tariffs. In agreement with the Government a number of sections of the business case submitted need strengthening and supporting with additional information to ensure the business case is complete and can be used to access this funding. To facilitate this the Council is seeking further information from companies in the maritime sector through a process known as a soft market test. This allows companies to engage with the Council on how the islands’ future strategic maritime transport needs could potentially be met. All companies are able to participate in this process which runs until the end of October. The results of the process will then be considered by the Council in November together with the completed business case.

More information about the soft market test is available at the following link: soft market test for Isles of Scilly sea links project.

Publishing date: 
Thursday, 21 September, 2023