Waste and recycling update: incinerator closure

The waste incinerator is due to burn its last load on Friday 19 December.

It is normal practice to close down the incinerator at this time of year for general repair and maintenance. During this period, any domestic black bag waste brought to the Waste Disposal Site is stored until the incinerator is up and running again.

From Friday 19 December until the contract is in place to remove domestic waste in mid-January 2015, waste will need to be stored on site. This will be in the region of 30 tonnes of domestic waste, which is small compared to the 3500 tonnes that were removed in early 2014.

We would like to reassure the islands' residents and visitors that this is a temporary solution and it is necessary to ensure that the Council can implement the long-term programme of improvements at the Porthmellon Waste and Recycling Site.

The Council has received full support from the Environment Agency to store black bag waste on site as a short-term interim measure and as part of the ongoing programme of work to improve the site.

Councillor Steve Sims said: ‘’This is a very positive development which over the course of 2015 will transform waste management on the Islands. We would like to thank Peter Lampshire for his years of unstinting dedication to running the waste incinerator.‘’

For more information about Waste and Recycling on the Isles of Scilly please contact Rebecca Steggles by telephone on (01720) 424000 or by email to rsteggles@scilly.gov.uk

For any information about Service and Works Tender Opportunities relating to the Waste and Recycling operations and site works, please visit www.scilly.gov.uk or contact Helen Pearce by telephone on (01720) 424000 or by email to hpearce@scilly.gov.uk

Publishing date: 
Tuesday, 16 December, 2014