Draft Local Plan (2015-2030)

Isles of Scilly Local Plan

If you are looking to read the documents or review the consultation responses on the Regulation 18 Public Consultation (March - May 2018) of the Draft Local Plan 2015-2030 please navigate through the links on the left of this page or click here. This consultation is however now closed. 

In June 2015 the Planning Department commenced a review of the Isles of Scilly Local Plan. Prior to 2015 work did take place on a review of the adopted Local Plan 2005.  From 2010 the Council had been working towards a Core Strategy and Local Development Framework, when Government changes in legislation reverted this process back to Local Plans. The Core Strategy work has now been used to feed into and inform the Local Plan Review and Draft Local Plan. The new Local Plan is intended to plan strategically for the period 2015 - 2030.

The current Local Plan covering the Isles of Scilly was adopted in 2005.  You can view this together with its accompanying Supplementary Planning Documents on our Current Local Plan (2005) pages (link on the left). 

How Can I Get Involved? Statement of Community Involvement

All future consultation on the Local Plan will follow the Statement of Community Involvement (SCI) which was adopted by the Council in September 2015 following a round of public consultation.  The SCI can be viewed in the link on the right. This statement sets out the methods by which we engage with the community and our statutory consultees.  

When Can I Get Involved? Local Plan Timetable (Local Development Scheme)

You can find out about the planned progress of the Local Plan Review in the Key Stages Timetable link to the right of this page. This is also known as the Local Development Scheme (LDS). The latest revised timetable was approved at Full Council on the 7th August 2018 and is known as LDS6.  This superseded LDS5 which was adopted in May 2018 and will be updated as necessary to reflect any changes to this process.  If you would like to be kept informed about local plan and be consulted directly then you can be added to our Local Plan Consultation Database by completing the Registration Form to the right of this page.

Stages of Public Consultation

The past and future stages of the Local Plan process can be found in the links to the left of this page, through the file path at the top of this page.  We have also linked each stage below.

Future Events

Details of the Next Stage of Public Consultation (Regulation 19)

Past Events

March - May 2018 Click this Link for the Second Stage of Public Consultation (Regulation 18) 2018

October - November 2015 Click this Link for the Sustainability Appraisal of the Local Plan Review Scoping Report 2015

June - July 2015 Click this Link for the First Stage of Public Consultation (Regulation 18) 2015

What has Informed the Local Plan?

A range of documents, reports and assesments produced by the Council as well as external organisations, including monitoring of the last local plan, have been used to understand the future development needs of the islands.  These have been set out as the Strategic Reports which are linked in the Evidence Base Library.  The Examination Library contains the core evidence base, that is evidence on which the draft plan was development.  This page also contains the evidence that is specifically referenced in the plan, these are referred to as the secondary evidence base documents.  

Click this Link for the Evidence Base Library

Click this Link for the Examination Library 

Strategic Environmental Assessment including Sustainability Appraisal and Habitat Regulations Assessment

Running in parallel to the local plan process is the required Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) and Sustainability Appraisal (SA). The Local Planning Authority have appointed Enfusion: Sustainability Environmental Planning Consultants to carry out the SEA/SA including the Habitat Regulations Assessment (HRA) of the Local Plan process. As each stage of the Local Plan progresses it will be subject to and informed by the SEA/SA/HRA. These documents will form part of the consultation at each stage.

Want to be on our Consultation Database?

If you’d like to be included on the Local Planning Authority's consultation database, please complete and return the attached registration form on the left of this page. Once registered, you will be notified when a relevant document is open to public consultation and invited to engage in the process.