CLOSED: Public Consultation: Submission Isles of Scilly Local Plan Aug-Sept 2019 (Regulation 19)


You can read all the representations we received on the Draft Local Plan, together with an officer response, here.

Submission Isles of Scilly Local Plan 2015-2030

Second Regulation 19 Public Consultation 

On the 25th July 2019 Members of the Full Council of the Council of the Isles of Scilly approved a further and final round of public consultation on the Draft Isles of Scilly Local Plan 2015 - 2030, ahead of submission to the Secretary of State.  The Full Council Report can be read here (agenda item 12) and you can watch the meeting on Youtube here.  

Friday 2nd August 2019 for 6 weeks.

The Submission deadline for commenting on the Consultation Documents will be until: 5pm Friday 13th September 2019

A list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) which includes a summary of the changes made to the plan since our last consultation earlier in 2019, has been produced but if you have any other questions then please email us at:

Our Statement of Representation Procedure is available here.

Copies of the below Consultation Documents will be available for the community to read, at our deposit venues, during the consultation period, at the following locations:

What we want your views on:

Our consultation documents are linked below and you can review any of the evidence base documents on our Evidence Base Library page and our Examination Library page. 

How we want to receive your views:

If you would like to comment on any of the above documents then you we would ask that responses are made on the below response forms (word versions may not format correctly on mobile devices). You will need to complete Parts A and B and attach additional Part B forms for each individual comment, where these relate to different parts of the plan:

Where to send your views:

By email:

By hand or post: (Submission Final Draft Isles of Scilly Local Plan 2015-2030),  Planning Department, Town Hall, St Mary’s, Isles of Scilly TR21 0LW

When to get your views back to us by:

Any time during the consultation period with the deadline being: 5pm Friday 13th September 2019

You may also wish to look at our Key Evidence Base Documents which are listed on the Local Plan Evidence Base page  and the Local Plan Examination Library page. We have also agreed a Statement of Common Ground under the Duty to Cooperate with both Cornwall Council and Natural England.  Draft documents are available below and will be finalised ahead of submission of the Local Plan to the Secretary of State:

What is Regulation 19?

This technical term refers to the Town and Country Planning Act (Local Planning) (England) Regulations 2012 and Regulation 19 is the second stage of the consultation process when forming a Local Plan and it represents the proposed policies for an area. This is our second public consultation under Regulation 19 following comments made in response to our earlier Reg. 19 consultation in Februrary - April 2019.  The changes are to the draft Local Plan are set out in the link above (Submission Draft Isles of Scilly Local Plan 2015-2030).

This phase of the consultation process provides local communities, businesses and other interested stakeholders with the opportunity to comment on the policy content of a draft Local Plan, within a specific remit. The remit for public consultation relates to the ‘Tests of Soundness’ and also includes 'legal compliance', as set out in National Planning Policy Framework. We have completed a Self-Assessment for both Legal Compliance and Self-Assessment and these have been set out below:

What happens after the Regulation 19 stage?

Once Regulation 19 is complete, this version of the draft Local Plan is submitted to the Secretary of State for the Ministry for Housing, Communities and Local Government. An independent Planning Inspector will then be appointed to undertake a ‘public examination’ of the draft Local Plan and is likely to make recommendations to further improve it.

During the examination process, the Secretary of State and the independent Planning Inspector will use the National Planning Policy Framework and comments submitted during the Regulation 19 consultation to determine whether a Local Plan is sound and legally compliant.

What is the difference between Regulation 18 and 19?

Regulation 18 explored a number of different policy options, had ‘open’ questions and a wider remit for input during the consultation phase.

As the plan-making process continues, the number of policy options are refined and become more focussed. This reflects the purpose of Regulation 19 as a planning document with specific policy recommendations for an area, resulting in more formal and technical questions in the consultation process. These questions relate to the four Tests of Soundness and whether the draft Local Plan is compliant with relevant legislation. Once the Isles of Scilly draft Local Plan is at the Regulation 19 stage it contains specific policies for the islands.

Want to be on our Consultation Database?

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