Committee summary: Health Overview and Scrutiny

Did you miss the last Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee (HOSC) meeting? Here are some key points from the meeting held on Thursday, 15 October 2015.

  • A recent survey from Healthwatch highlighted the issue of waiting times for eye tests. Members of the committee discussed this with NHS England and the local GP practice. These bodies will work together to review the commissioning and provision of optometry services to ensure that the islands have more regular access. The committee asked for updates at the next meeting.
  • The issue of unescorted vulnerable patients was discussed during the August HOSC meeting. Royal Cornwall Hospitals Trust presented a solution for the rare occasions that an unescorted vulnerable patient is unable to travel home due to flight cancellations. This has now been incorporated into the Discharge & Transfer Policy specific to Isles of Scilly residents. The Policy was discussed and suggestions and recommendations made. A final draft will be submitted for final discussion at the next meeting.
  • Following the decision from Peninsula Community Health not to extend their contract to run the hospital and other health services on the islands, an update was provided to the committee on what is currently happening for the reprovision of adult community services from April 2016. Members asked a series of questions and assurances were given that the procurement process being followed is being delivered according to plan. The contract will be awarded from April 2016.

You can watch the meeting here (duration 1h 17m) and read the agenda and reports here.

If you would like to raise a health issue for scrutiny, please email the scrutiny officer at or call 01720 424323.

Publishing date: 
Thursday, 22 October, 2015