Gain and Sustain

The Council’s Gain and Sustain scheme has been designed to help food business operators “get it right first time”. It is relevant and open to any business that falls within the scope of the Food Hygiene Rating System (FHRS). It's aimed at premises delivering retail or catering so café, restaurant or takeaway owners can gain some very real benefits.

It's designed specifically to enable food business operators to understand what's needed to GAIN a five star rating and then SUSTAIN that rating in the coming years.

What do we Offer?

  • An experience and qualified Environmental Health Practitioner will visit your premises and spend up to three hours working through your business processes and controls
  • The Officer will produce a written report detailing all the requirements you need to implement to improve your current (or new) business processes and controls.
  • You can access telephone and email advice after your visit and the issuing of the report


Who can apply?

  • Existing businesses that want to improve a FHRS score
  • Any Existing Business that wants to have a pre inspection audit even if they are already a five star premises, so they can be sure of maintaining that standard. This can be very beneficial to businesses that have a cycle of new seasonal chefs managing their kitchens.
  • Any new food business who wants to launch their business at the highest standard right from the outset. It helps with advertising
  • Businesses that are not rated under the FHRS scheme can apply for assistance in the same way at the same fee, just so you can ensure your food safety compliance needs are met ahead of scheduled mandatory inspections.

What’s in it for me?

Gain and Sustain can provide you with the following benefits:

  • This option is a cost recovery model for the Local Government that gives the business a cheaper alternative to consultant fees.
  • If your business is not up to standard at the mandatory scheduled inspection, it can damage the businesses reputation and cost money in lost trade… possibly even enforcement action by the Local Authority.
  • If you have scored badly in a scheduled inspection and want your rating increased quickly to prevent reputational damage and loss to your business, an early re-rating fee is £250.00. Please be aware that under the assessment guidance local Authority could take up to 6 months to re inspect you without an early re-rating fee being paid.
  • You will be given the information you need to achieve the five star rating, keeping the competitive edge of your business and enabling growth.
  • It is good for your business and great for your customers. The FHRS ratings are published by the Food Standards Agency and you can direct your customers to the information in your advertising.
  • Advertising great standards can lead to sustainable business growth​

So how much is it?

Gain and Sustain costs £190 (including VAT). It is intentional that the fee is considerably cheaper than that of the £250 post inspection early re-rating revisit.


Ok I’m in!

If you wish to secure the service please contact us at


Safer Food, Better Business & Healthy Choices

The food safety management systems are available free to download at the FSA website. The packs and diary sheets can be ordered or downloaded free here. The same style pack for Bed and Breakfast premises can be found on our website here

As an additional complimentary scheme, you may wish to consider applying for the Councils "Healthy Choices" award scheme. It has benefits for consumers and can help you promote your buisness.