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Updated 22 December 2021 

We are aware of the announcement made by the Chancellor on 21 December regarding additional support for businesses in the hospitality sector. We are currently awaiting details from government on how this will be administered.

For accommodation providers: what you can do to limit the risk to your business

There are a number of things you can do to help as an accommodation provider to limit the risk to your business and to support the wider pandemic response on the islands. Please consider the following regardless of the changes to restrictions in the coming weeks: 

  • Make sure your Business Continuity Plan is up-to-date (see the Business Continuity Institute website for free information and resources to help you improve your business continuity plan) and sets out:
    • how you plan to deal with guests if they are required to self-isolate. For example, how will you communicate with them/feed them etc? You can get advice on this by emailing in the first instance.
    • how you plan to deal with the knock-on effects that self-isolation may have on other bookings. For instance, do you have any spare rooms, or other accommodation you could use to house your incoming guests, whilst you wait for your self-isolating guests to leave? Do you have any agreements in place with other accommodation providers?
    • how you will cope if your staff are required to self-isolate.
  • Check that your Terms and Conditions are up-to-date.
  • Please refer your guests to the latest information for visitors on the Council's website before they travel and make them aware of the latest information relating to accessing a test whilst on the islands.
  • Make sure your guests are aware of the implications if they are asked to self-isolate by NHS Test and Trace, or because they have symptoms. This will depend on what you have put in place to support self-isolating customers.
  • Have a clear policy on face coverings and social distancing. The safest approach is to continue to wear face coverings in crowded spaces and indoor settings. You may wish to provide your staff with a form of words for dealing with customers who are not willing to comply. 
  • Make sure your working practices are as safe as possible and contact the Council’s environmental health team for the latest advice and further support if required. Some of the things you should consider are:
    • Regularly appraising yourself of updates to the relevant government guidance.
    • Ensuring your staffing arrangements keep interaction between individuals/teams to a minimum so you can remain open in the event that a staff member is asked to self-isolate.
    • Providing your staff with clear direction in terms of what you will and will not accept in terms of customer behaviour, based on your own policies.
    • Making sure you can contact your customers easily throughout their stay.

Things you may wish to consider when writing a coronavirus policy for your business

We recognise the call from businesses and residents for a united approach to retaining some of the measures which have kept the islands comparatively safe throughout the pandemic. Our Public Health team appreciate you taking your responsibilities as employers and service providers seriously and are supportive of local businesses doing everything they can to continue encouraging safe working practices and behaviours on the islands.

We cannot advise on the exact wording of your policy as each business will have its own particular set of circumstances and legal requirements and will have its own health and safety and business continuity risk assessments. However, our environmental health team are here to offer advice to businesses in relation to safe working practices on a case-by-case basis and can be contacted on 01720 424403, or 07780 585 139, or at for additional support. For any queries relating to coronavirus, please email

You should consider having your own coronavirus policy. This policy should reflect the actual working practices that you are committing to as a business. You may wish to include some of the following points within your policy:

  • This business takes staff and customer safety very seriously and we want to do everything we can to support our community and protect our local services during the coronavirus pandemic. 
  • Cases of coronavirus are still widespread, and this presents a risk to our staff, customers and to our ability to keep our business open.
  • Our best chance of reducing the impact of coronavirus on Scilly is by retaining the safe behaviours that have been so successful in reducing spread and keeping people safe. Our coronavirus policy therefore applies even after 19 July.
  • The policy will remain in place until we consider that it is safe to change these working practices.
  • We really appreciate your help in keeping Scilly safe and showing support to our staff. Thank you for your valued custom.
  • We ask that you:
    • wear a face covering. Please wear a face covering inside this premises. If you consider that you have a reasonable exemption to wearing a face covering, please make us aware of this before or on arrival.
    • maintain social distance. Please keep a reasonable distance from other customers and staff wherever possible. This will help prevent spread and is respectful to those who may be particularly vulnerable or are anxious about the easing of restrictions.
    • keep groups separate. The advice from government is to continue to keep numbers low when socialising, so we ask that you do not interact with other groups when in this premises 
    • keep within our advertised capacity limit. We have risk assessed this premises for a particular number of people. Please do not exceed this limit.

You should also:

  • consider what you will ask of your staff and to what extent you will be able to stick to any rules you set out in a policy. For instance, are you able to refuse service in the event of non-compliance? Will you insist that your staff report all incidences of non-compliance to you? How will you ask your staff to handle exemptions? Will you give your staff a script to help them deal with customers challenging the policy or requests?
  • check the guidance relating to your business regularly and update your policy in accordance with it. Make changes to the policy as necessary in order to keep it current.

Further support and advice

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