Community Risk Management Plan

The Community Risk Management Plan (CRMP) is a document that sets out how the fire and rescue service will deliver its services. It details how we will prevent and protect our communities from fire and rescue related risks and how we will respond to incidents. It is developed in consultation with communities and members of the Isles of Scilly Council. The 2023-2026 Community Risk Management Plan (previously known as Integrated Risk Management Plan) is attached to this page.

To understand local risks and support the development of the CRMP we look at national data and undertake analysis of the local population and historic incident information to assess the risks. A copy of the Isles of Scilly Community Risk Profile 2022 is attached to this page.

The CRMP was developed in consultation with our communities. A copy of the findings from the consultation is available in the consultation report attached to this page. We have also attached a document providing some background information about our service.