Report a Pothole

Potholes are the unavoidable result of an ageing highway being subjected to traffick and adverse weather conditions. 

We undertake safety inspections on a monthly basis across our highway network. 

As potholes can develop over a very short time it is possible that one can appear between inspections and consequently we are not aware of it.  This is why we appreciate you reporting them.

How do I report a pothole?

To report a pothole please contact the Environment Services team via email on or by phone 01720424450.

When will potholes be filled?

We risk assess the severity of every pothole we are aware of.  Safety is always our primary consideration. 

Some of the factors we take into account when prioritising pothole treatment are:

  • the size and depth of the hole
  • the volume of traffic (vehicles or pedestrians)
  • speed of an affected road
  • the likelihood of the defect contributing to an accident

How quickly we fill a pothole depends on two factors:

  • whether reported to us or identified during a safety inspection.
  • the priority we assign the defect.

Potholes reported to us will be inspected and prioritised as soon as possible. If they are considered to be a significant risk they will be treated by the end of the next working day. Those that are not likely to be dangerous are added to our list of programme work and normally treated within six months, often as part of a wider patching or surfacing programme.