Report a missed collection

Household Waste

Commercial Waste

Porthmellon Waste & Recycling Centre


What and Where to recycle:

  • ​Find out what can be recycled
  • Find a recycling bank
  • ​Porthmellon Waste & Recycling Centre

What we can and can’t collect:

  • Missed Collections
  • Assisted Collections
  • Clinical Waste & Sharps Collections
  • Bulky Waste Collections
  • Commercial Waste
  • Hazardous Waste

Other use full information:

  • Request for Vehicle Permit
  • Request for Commercial Sacks
  • Request for Household Recycling Sacks
  • Skip Application
  • Waste Reduction Strategy


If further help and advice, contact our infrastructure team by phone on 01720 424450 or email infrastructure@scilly.gov.uk