Local Plan Evidence Base Library

St Mary's

Local Plan Evidence Base

The full evidence base used to inform the preparation of the Isles of Scilly Local Plan to 2030 can be viewed on the Local Plan examination library using the link below:

Local Plan Examination Library The examination library also contains the latest News on the Local Plan.


Isles of Scilly Housing Survey/Housing Market Assessment

Housing Surveys to guage island housing needs are carried out every few years.  The information gained from this survey contributes to understanding, monitoring and reviewing housing policies within the Isles of Scilly Local Plan.

2019 Update to 2016 SHMA (Standardised Method for Calculating Housing Need) and Data Report

2018 Update to 2016 SHMA and Data Report

2018 Housing Viability Report

2012 Housing Survey

Isles of Scilly Housing Land Availability Reports

2016 Strategic Housing Land Availability Report

AONB Management Plans

2015 - 2020 Management Plan

2010 - 2014 Management Plan

2004 - 2009 Management Plan

Strategic Economic Plans

Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Strategic Economic Plan 2017 - 2030

Island Future: A Strategic Economic Plan for the Isles of Scilly 2014

Infrastrutcure Plan (Part of the Island Futures Plan)

Housing Growth Plan (Part of the Island Futures Plan)

Transport Plans

The Isles of Scilly Strategic Transport Framework 2011

Toursim Strategies

The Future of Toursim on Scilly, Blue Sail Report 2011

The Islands Partnership: Destination Management Plan 2017

Infrastructure Assessments

Infrastructure Capacity Assessment 2018

Energy Infrstructure Plan 2016