Gambling Licences

There are three types of licences issued under the Gambling Act 2005:

Operating Licence

An Operating Licence is required by individuals or companies who intend to provide facilities for gambling. This is issued by the Gambling Commission.

Personal Licence

There are two types of Personal Licence - A Personal Management Licence required by individuals performing management functions, such as directors or managers, and a Personal Functional Licence required by individuals performing operational functions such as croupiers etc. All Personal Licences are issued by the Gambling Commission.

Premises Licence

A Premises Licence is required for premises where gambling will take place. This is issued by the local licensing authority, in this case the Council of the Isles of Scilly. You need to have applied for an Operating Licence from the Gambling Commission before you can apply for a Premises Licence. Licensing authorities set the cost of a Premises Licence depending on the type of premises in line with The Gambling (Premises Licence Fees) (England and Wales) Regulations 2007.

You many qualify as a small-scale operator if there are three people or fewer in relevant management positions in the business and they are all named on the operating licence. For more information contact The Gambling Commission.