Repairs, Cleaning, and Maintenance

How to Report a Repair?

Accidents and breakages happen. Boilers, gas and electrical points all need maintenance and servicing. We are committed to conducting all repairs we are responsible for quickly, and wherever possible in one visit. We ask you pay similar attention with repairs and maintenance you are responsible for.

To report a repair call us on 01720 424440 or email us at

Who is responsible for what?

The Council’s Responsibilities

  • The structure of and exterior of the building (roofs, ceilings, window frames, external doors, guttering, outside pipes).
  • Kitchen and bathroom fixtures (basins, sinks, toilets and baths)
  • Council of the Isles of Scilly owned heating and hot water equipment
  • Council of the Isles of Scilly owned electrical wiring, gas and water pipes 
  • Communal areas*, paving, shared gardens, parking areas and rubbish storage areas
  • Communal areas* around your home (stairs, lifts, landings, lighting, entrances) 
NB The rent you pay covers these repairs unless they are due to damage or neglect by you, your family, visitors or pets. If the repair is the result of neglect or deliberate damage we may do the work and charge you for it. 
*The service charges (if applicable) must be paid to facilitate these actions.

Your Responsibilities 

  • Interior decoration (painting walls: be aware we may ask you to paint them back to a neutral colour when you leave)
  • Minor interior works and repairs i.e light bulbs, fluorescent tubes and fuses
  • Maintenance of your garden (if you have one), bushes, hedges and trees*
  • Regular ventilation of your property – to prevent damp and mould growth
  • Allow us access to conduct servicing of gas, oil, solid fuel, water or heating appliances and chimneys owned by us. 
*Please note some trees may require planning consideration prior to pruning such as elms.
Please note you are not permitted to carry out any other works to your property without seeking prior permission from the Housing Department. Please request a copy of our ‘Alteration to Property Enquiry’ form or call the Housing Department on 01720 424440 to discuss.