Recycling On Scilly

What can you include in your BLUE recycling Sacks?

The council runs a Mixed Recycling​ collection service. this means that all of the recycling materials stated below can be placed in one sack for collection. Please make sure that everything is cleaned and dried before it is placed in the recycling sacks. The recycling material must be placed inside the sack with teh sakc tied at the top. Any over-sized 'side' items will not be colelcted. Any sacks which do not meet requirements will ​not​ be colllected. Below is the list of items that can be collected. 




What about reycling material which the council cannot collect? 

For St Mary's Households:

Reycling that cannot be collected by the council can be taken to the Porthmellon Waste & Recycling Site. Please make sure you check the opening times before you head out. While most items are free for hosueholders there are charges for certain items. Check out the link below for more information:

Household Charges

For glass bottles and jars you can also drop them off at the bottle banks located at the strand, rear of the Town Hall, Telegraph, and Nowhere Car Park in Old Town.


​For Off-Island Households:

​All the recycling on the off islands cna be dropped off at the isladns' waste management site. The sites opening times are displayed on teh site sign and may vary depending on demand and the time of the year. If you are having any issues with the off island waste sites please do not hesitate to get in contact with the infrastructure department on 01720 424450 or via email on 



​Requesting More Recycling Sacks

Reycling sacks are currently being issued twice a year by the council. If you find you have run out of sacks before the next drop off or have been missed off the drop off pelase contact the infrastructure team on or on 01720 424450. Depending on your situation you may be asked to fill out the householder request form