Abandoned Items & Fly Tipping

To ensure that everyone understands their responsibilities for waste and the disposal of bulky items we have produced a quick overview below which we hope will be useful.

What are residents responsible for?

All waste producers, including private residents, have a duty to make sure that they deal with their waste responsibly. Abandoning items on public or shared land is not fulfilling this duty. 

Responsibilities of residents include:

  • Putting household ‘black bag’ waste out for collection on the normal collection day.

  • Ensuring that the ‘black bag’ waste is in waste sacks and containerised adequately to ensure that the waste cannot be interfered with by pests (such as rats and seagulls) and that the waste collection team can safely load the waste into the collection vehicle.

  • Bulky waste, including toilets, sinks, tiles, wood, rubble waste from household DIY projects, old TVs and electricals, bikes, toys, scrap metal, plasterboard etc are NOT collected in the weekly household waste collection round.Therefore, residents must take (or arrange for someone else to take) all bulky and DIY waste to a permitted waste management site for disposal e.g. Porthmellon Waste Management Site on St Marys or the off-island waste management sites on St Agnes, Bryher and St Martins. 

  • Landowners are resposible for dealing with any fly tipping on their land.  

    What is the Council’s role?

The Council is responsible for:

  • On St Marys and St Martins, the collection of household ‘black bag’ waste and recycling that has been properly containerised and presented for collection on the normal collection day.

  • On Bryher and St Agnes, to accept household ‘black bag’ waste and recycling that has been properly containerised at the waste management sites.

  • The Council is responsible for fly tipping on Council owned land

If you have any queries please contact us by email at zerowaste@scilly.gov.uk or by calling 01720 424450 (voicemail only).