How You Can Help Reduce Waste

Positive Shopping

Up to 50% of household waste is made up of food waste, on average a house hold with throw away £50 per month! For more ideas on how to reduce your food waste visit Love Food Hate Waste.

Real Nappies

Disposable nappies can double the amount of waste a family produces and can take hundreds of years to breakdown. If you would like to learn more about reusable nappies visit the "Go Real" Website.


A good compost bin or heap will convert almost all of your garden waste, and some food waste, into useful compost and the more things that you put in, the better the bin will work.

Mail Preference

Unwanted mail is an increasing source of rubbish. The Mail Preference Service is free and allows consumers to have their names removed from lists used by postal companies. It could stop up to 95% of your Junk mail - Just remember to renew it every year

Get Creative

There are loads of great ideas out there for reusing items. Take a look at

Some other useful websites: