Temporary Vehicle Permit

Temporary Vehicle Permits are for the disposal of household waste at the Porthmellon Waste and Recycling Centre using a commercial vehicle. Please ensure you visit site on Household Waste days and you show your permit to site staff.

The following rules apply:

  1. Only one permit per household is allowed; if there is more than one vehicle at your property, you will need to decide which one to register for a permit.
  2. The permit allows you up to 12 visits in the 12 month period from the date of issue to dispose of household waste
  3. Your permit is valid until all 12 visits have been used.
  4. Once you have used all 12 visits, you can apply for a new permit providing it is more than 12 months' since your last permit was issued.
  5. You must apply for a new permit if you have changed your vehicle or lost your permit.
  6. You must not recycle or dispose of any commercial or industrial waste at an HWRC; you are only permitted to dispose of household waste

Do I need a permit for my Vehicle?

A permit will be required for commercial type vehicles (those designed to carry goods). Vehicles designed to carry people, i.e. with both seats and windows, will not require a permit.

Any vehicle which requires a permit will not be allowed on site with a trailer of any size. Trailers whose internal dimensions have been adapted will be measured according to their original internal length.

If you have lost your permit, changed vehicle, completed your 12 visits, or the provided 12 month period has expired you need to apply to renew your permit.

How do I apply for, renew, or replace a lost vehicle permit?

A Temporary Permit application can be obtained from the Customer Hub points located at Carn Gwaval Wellbeing Centre and St Mary’s Library. You can also apply by downloading an application form. These must be completed and passed back to the Infrastructure Department located at the Town Hall, or emailed to us via zerowaste@scilly.gov.uk

What if I change vehicles or move house?

If you change vehicles, please return your original permit along with the details and registration number of your vehicle. As long as your new vehicle is not over the size limit, we will issue a replacement permit for the remainder of its 12 months' validity. 

If you move house, please let us know via email on zerowaste@scilly.gov.uk or by phone 01720 424450

What is the Cost for a Temporary Vehicle Permit?

Permits are free of charge to householders. Only one permit is allowed per household. If you have more than one vehicle, you must decide which one you want to register.

Why do I have to complete an Origin of Waste Disclaimer?

As the Council manages both household and commercial waste we have a duty to ensure that commercial waste is not being illegally disposed of as household waste. Council Tax income which supports Council services does not cover the cost of disposing of commercial waste. If site staff are not sure whether your waste is household waste or commercial waste, you may be asked to complete a form to declare that you only have household waste.