Visiting Porthmellon Waste Site: Commercial Waste

The St Mary's Waste and Recycling Centre is open to commercial customers on the following:

Monday         13.00 - 16.45

Wednesday   13.00 - 16.45

Friday            13.00 - 15.45

A visiting slot must be booked prior to coming onto site, this can be done by emailing

Spaces are limited, so please allow at least a week's notice for your booking, especially during the peak season.  At the time of booking, you must declare what waste/recycling you have to dispose of.

Anyone disposing of commercial waste will require a valid commercial waste permit, which can be applied for by following the below link.

Commercial Waste Permit Application Form  

If you would like this form in another format, please contact

Do not turn up to site without first booking a slot, or having a valid commercial waste permit, as you will be turned away.

Please ensure all waste is sorted prior to arrival of site as this will help speed up the process. You may be turned away if the waste/recycling is unsorted.

When You Arrive on Site

Commercial customers must have all the necessary PPE and adhere to the site’s safety notices and any instructions given by site staff. 

You will be directed onto the weighbridge by the weighbridge operator. You will be required to weigh all material. You must stay in your vehicle until the weight has been obtained. Your material load will also be inspected by a site operative. If you require several weights to be taken (mixed load) then you will need to make repeat visits to the weighbridge during your time on site.

Once weighed you will then be directed by site operatives to the relevant area for safe disposal.

After disposal, operatives will check the waste deposited for compliance and once confirmed you will then need to have your vehicle re-weighed on the weighbridge for the exit weight.

You must stay in your vehicle and receive acknowledgement from the weighbridge operator. If you require a copy of your weighbridge ticket in advance of being invoiced, you will need to communicate your email address through an open window from inside your vehicle.

Please follow instructions as given by waste site staff or you may be asked to leave the site.