Seagull Proof Sacks

It is everyone's responsbility to make sure that their waste is contained properly to avoid it becoming strewn by the wind and animals and so it doesn't create a nusiance to others and create additional work for our waste & recycling operatives. 

Gulls are a valued and protected part of Scilly's natural environment and food waste and packaging can cause harm to adult birds and chicks. Help us to keep Scilly safe, clean and beautiful for everyone and our wildlife by containing your waste. 

Reuseable seagull proof sacks are now available for delivery. To place an order please email or call 0300 1234 105 (option 5). 

  • The sacks are £5.06 from April 1st 2021 (this includes delivery on St Marys and to St Marys Quay)
  • They are big enough to fit 2-3 sacks of waste/recycling inside
  • ​Velcro fastening, weighted base, and tie so they won't blow away! 

You can also help by:

  • Ensuring lids are on your bins
  • Not putting waste out for collection too early (i.e. not the night before)
  • Cover waste sacks with old towels, rugs or carpet offcuts work well.